Danny Gans


He's the "Entertainer of the year" in Las Vegas, and his award winning "Show of the Year" is the hottest ticket in town. He's being called the best singer-comedian-impressionist-actor in the business today, by entertainment critics and his peers. Audiences go wild over him. Who is he? He's Danny Gans.

Gans hadn't planned to be an entertainer. His boyhood dream was to play third base for the Dodgers, and he was, in fact, drafted by the Kansas City Royals, while he was still attending high school in California. Sadly, an injury forced him to decline the flattering offer, but sometimes opportunity knocks more than once.

When he was in college, Gans had to turn down another draft offer, this one was from the Chicago White Sox. Then, two years later, Gans' life long dream came true: he signed with the Dodgers organization. However, not long after the elation, it all came to a crashing halt during his first season. A career-ending injury turned his life upside-down.

With the love and encouragement of his friends and family, Gans shifted his focus from baseball to entertainment. He had been blessed with a marvelous singing voice, the ability to make people laugh and a rare presence that would manifest itself in his new career.

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