All Shook Up Elvis Tribute


It began as a hobby, turned into an obsession, and evolved into a quest - to create the world's most spectacular Elvis experience. For the King of Elvis memorabilia, Chris Davidson, the spark ignited in his early years, when he would listen to the classic Elvis hits for hours on end. He saw Elvis for the first time at age 10, at the Las Vegas Hilton (in 1975), and through the years, became convinced that it was his destiny to somehow become more connected with The King's legacy.

Davidson never imagined that his passion for Elvis would become a runaway quest when he purchased his first Elvis pieces (two checks and a personal letter, for $8,000) at an auction held by Memphis Mafia mate Jimmy Velvet. "From there, the collection took on a life of its own," recalls Davidson, who scoured the country in his search for more memorabilia. Elvis-A-Rama now contains more than 2,000 personal Elvis items.

It's the world's largest private collection of Elvis material, � much of it never before seen by the public! Step through the Elvis-A-Rama entrance chamber, and you enter a full-scale, multi-sensory salute to the greatest performer that the world has ever known! Elvis's 1962 Glastron powerboat, an autographed pair of blue suede shoes, his social security card, a jacket from Sun Records (where his first five records were recorded), his famous gold lame jump suit, his Army fatigues and trunk, and correspondence from Colonel Parker, it's all here! Another favorite museum pastime is following Elvis's tastes in jewelry, more than 20 pieces are on display, with a value of more than $500,000.

Now a nationally-recognized expert on Elvis material, Davidson concentrated on the nearly-impossible to obtain, the unique, and the significant. Of particular interest, items that were near and dear to Elvis, or pivotal in his life experiences.

It's all here, for you to experience at close, intimate range: his cars, his stage-worn jumpsuits (and other clothes), his guitars and piano, and thousands of items that offer insight into various stages of The King's life and musical career. The crown jewel of the 8,200 square foot exhibit is Elvis's amazing black, 8-passenger 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood tour limo, used to haul guitars and drums between tour stops,� and it's one of four Elvis cars on display!

Davidson is now the single largest private collector of Elvis material in the world!

Hotel: Aladdin

Type: Tribute


Time: 6:00pm

Days: Daily

Age Limit: