Las Vegas Conventions


Las Vegas has more floor space for conventions, trade shows and corporate business meetings than any other location in North America. In the past year alone, attendees to conventions and trade shows held in Las Vegas numbered over 4 million people. The City of Las Vegas is capable of handling in excess of 250,000 visitors at any given time but as the room occupancy rate nears 100% you can expect hotel room rates to increase. The COMDEX convention, which is held in mid November, is one of the largest conventions held in Las Vegas with attendees at this one convention numbering over 190,000. During the COMDEX convention, hotel rooms that would typically be priced at $85/night would be priced in excess of $200/night.

The Las Vegas convention calendar will enable you to research the number of conventions and attendees that will be in town on your preferred travel dates. Keeping in mind that hotel room rates can double or triple in price due to supply and demand during peak conventions dates we advise you to pick non-peak convention periods to book your hotel reservations where possible. If you must travel to Las Vegas during busy convention periods try to book early as hotel reservations made well in advance of busy convention dates can sometimes be secured at normal room rates.