How a desert outpost became the glittering city of Las Vegas

America loves a rags to riches story and there is none better than the extraordinary history of Las Vegas in Nevada. To go back thousands of years, the local Paiutes Indians appreciated the springs in this desert region which gave rise to lush, green watering places. When they went on to lead Spanish explorers in the 19th century, the newcomers named the place after the Spanish word for meadows.... read more

Three Usual Scams to Avoid When in Vegas

Las Vegas, the diamond, golden nugget or pearl of the Nevada desert, home to the world's most glittering casinos and incredible shows, a Mecca for gamblers from all over the United States... these are all true. But Las Vegas has another side, one that is out to make an extra buck off the hundreds of thousands visiting the city during a year. Here are some scams you can usually be subject to... read more

Finding Good Turkish Food in Las Vegas

I missed home so much that I found I was dreaming about it more and more. I didn’t really want to leave Bodrum, Turkey but I felt it was time. I was leaving during the height of the holiday season, I really had to compare any flights to Vegas from one travel agency to another. Because I usually route through the UK (I have family there) I use flythomascook to connect me when I travel to and... read more

5 Reasons to Visit Viva Las Vegas

5 Reasons to Visit Viva Las Vegas “Bright light city gonna set my soul gonna set my soul on fire. Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn, so get those stakes up higher. There's a thousand pretty women waitin out there and they're all livin devil may care. And I’m just the devil with love to spare, viva Las Vegas, viva Las Vegas” So says Elvis Presley in... read more

Five Tips for Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas

  If you’re planning your big day and you’re thinking about getting hitched think about doing it in Vegas! You may not equate Sin City with anything other than drunken, $99 chapel weddings but Las Vegas has plenty of other options. Whether you’re after something fun, something themed or something sophisticated, Las Vegas has you covered.   Here are five... read more