7 Gambling Movies to Watch Before you go to Vegas

Movies with a gambling theme are quite popular, and they often inspire many of us to experience the glitz, glamour, and the money involved in casinos. Yet, there are some movies that stand out from the rest and are probably worth watching before heading out to Las Vegas to enjoy the casinos. Here are some of the top seven gambling movies that you should watch before the trip to Las... read more

The Ultimate VIP Club Experience

There is something innately attractive about exclusive VIP clubs. These world-class venues offer an unbeatable experience to patrons, and everyone is itching to cash in on the action. Whether it’s a prized Las Vegas nightclub like Hakkasan at the prestigious MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, or The Roof Gardens in the heart of London, the appeal of famous VIP clubs is unmistakable. Maître... read more

7 books to read before you go to Vegas

Gambling literature has come a long way since the public domain became interested in the workings of the gambling world in the 20th century. Here at, we single out some books that could be worth a read before your upcoming trip to Vegas. The Biggest Game in Town - Al Alvarez Credited by some pundits as the book that brought poker to the masses, Alvarez's 'The Biggest... read more

Unique Places You Never Knew Existed in Las Vegas

Unless you are there for a conference or a wedding, chances are when you go to Las Vegas, you are going to gamble. The thing is, most casinos are like a maze full of untold treasures.  The chimes of the slot machine and the cheers from the craps tables as a seven or eleven rolls out can entice even the thriftiest of players.   Sure, everyone knows how to play blackjack or... read more

17 Totally Awesome Things You Should Totally Do in Vegas

  Do you want to know a secret? Vegas is not at all about gambling. Leave those pokies and one-armed bandits to casual, mediocre tourists. You, my friends, can have more fun in Vegas while doing other, really cool things. And, as for gambling, you can always do it from home with free online casino slots no download no registration. So, why bother with a flight ticket for a single... read more