Legal Sports Betting in the US: Will Vegas Lose Visitors Because Of It?

In the last few years, the US gambling industry has undergone a serious change. If at the beginning of the decade, the closest US residents could come to online casinos was reading reviews for Canadian online casinos over the internet. Now, several states have already decided to regulate online casinos and poker rooms, and there are many others planning to do the same. And another major change... read more

US Online Casinos: A Look Back at 2017

The United States was without any form of legal online gambling available to its residents since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 effectively pushed the business out of the country - apparently for good. The only form of online game similar to internet gambling was daily fantasy sports (DFS), considered by many a service right at the boundary of a game of chance and a game... read more

No Deposit Bonus Casino Strategy: Keep the Upper Hand

When visiting Vegas, one of the most appealing activities is of course playing at the casinos. For many, they are the most iconic part of the Vegas experience and while they are certainly not the be all and end all of the entertainment experience, you’re bound to encounter tables and machines at some point. This will probably start in the very place at which you’re staying and if... read more

The History of Slot Machines

From Liberty Bell to the Wheel of Fortune, slots has evolved a great deal over the past 100 years with a number of clever innovators finding ways to make the quickfire gambling game easily accessible and as fair as possible. It all began in 1895 with Charles Fey, an American mechanic who invented the device that would eventually inspire mainstream slot machines. His device was inspired by the... read more

How to Dodge Bullets in Vegas

“I can dodge bullets baby!” rang out the now infamous catchphrase from the Poker Brat himself, Phil Helmuth. On TV the professionals sometimes make avoiding pocket aces look easy but in reality running into this hand too often will cost you. Aces is such a powerful holding in fact that Las Vegas pros coined the term 'bullets' a long time ago. That's not just because of how... read more