Which are the best games you should play in a Las Vegas casino?


Perhaps you’ve been playing exciting casino games online for a while on sites like Caesars Casino? If so, chances are it’s given you a hankering to visit Las Vegas. Should you be planning a trip to Nevada’s most debaucherous city, you’ll need to know what games are the best to try your hand at whilst in town. Today we run you through our top picks…



You can’t really make it all the way to Sin City, and not play at least a couple of hands of poker. You’ll find that Texas Hold’em is the most popular discipline around town. Odds are better than for some other games in Las Vegas as well – this is because the house makes its money by taking a particular percentage of every pot rather than playing against the player. This means, it’s you versus your opponent rather than you against the house. May the best poker player win! Great spots to play include, MGM Grand, Mirage and Caesars Palace.



If it’s excitement you’re seeking, then be sure to make your way to the craps table to roll them bones! If you stick to the best bets, which include betting the pass, not passing lines or taking odds, you’ll be able to capitalise on one of the lowest house edges in casino land. With these best bets, the house edge is less than 2 percent.



Much like poker, no self-respecting visitor can show up in Vegas and not take a seat at the Blackjack table. We’re sure you’re au fait with the rules of the game, but just in case, the aim is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. The dealer does have a slight edge because he’ll go after you, which means it’s possible for you to go bust before he or she even has a chance to play their cards.



This is another easy and super fun option, with good odds of being victorious. The aim of the game is to select a colour or number to bet on, and if after the dealer has spun the roulette wheel, the ball lands on your spot, you win some cash. If you want to ensure the best odds, always bet on red or black, or evens or odds, rather than on a specific number.