Where You Can Get The Vegas Feel In Europe


One of the best things about heading to Vegas is the flashing lights, party atmosphere and of course the infamous grand casinos that you can visit while you are there. There is a vibe in Las Vegas that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, but if you’re looking for something similar in Europe, then you will find a number of places a little closer to home that can match up somehow. Heading to Europe instead of Las Vegas can be cheaper if you are already based in the continent, and you can have a more authentic feel when you choose from one of the places on our list below. With Vegas replicating some of Europe with its own Eiffel Tower and Venice-like gondolas in The Venetian, why not try Europe’s idea of replicating Vegas? If you are heading to Europe on holiday, then it is important to fill out an e111 application form before you go, so you can be protected at all times in case of a medical emergency. Remember, even if you’re not actually in Sin City – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


If you’re searching for luxury, then Monaco is the perfect choice for you. Gambling here is a little more serious than it is in gambling destinations like Las Vegas, but it is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Monaco has a few casinos, but it is Casino de Monte-Carlo that you should make sure you visit. The beautiful architecture is just the first taste of luxury, so you should make sure that you are dressed to the nines when you head to Monaco casino.


There are a number of casinos based in London that can give you the party vibe you’ve been looking for. Unlike Monaco where the more serious gambling happens, London provides the perfect balance between fun and money making. Aside from the obvious tourist attractions that you can visit in London when outside of the casinos, it truly is the lights and sounds of London’s casinos that make you feel like you’re in Vegas. Aspers Casino in Stratford is just one of many casinos that you can experience the fun and glamour of Las Vegas – but a little closer to home.


If you’re looking to integrate a bit of relaxation with your Vegas casino experience in Europe, then Estoril in Portugal is the perfect place. With plenty of casino history to enjoy in the area too, you can be sure that there’s plenty to enjoy here. Casino Estoril was even said to be a gathering spot of spies, royals and adventurers in the Second World War and was even the influence of the novel Casino Royale. Considered to be the largest casino in Europe, it is the perfect casino to tick off your list if you’re searching for grand complexes that rival that of Las Vegas.


If you’re looking away from the casinos and want to hit up somewhere with a party feel that rivals that of Las Vegas, then Ibiza is the perfect choice. With plenty of clubs and some of the world’s most popular DJ’s playing sets there on a regular basis, you can find Europe’s best party atmosphere right here.