What to pack for your Las Vegas trip


When you come to Las Vegas, you best be prepared for the time of your life. Not many people know what’s in store for them when they visit for the first time and might forget to pack a few important essentials. So, if you’re new to Las Vegas and want to make sure that you have everything you need, here are a few things you are going to want to pack for your trip:

All of the Important Stuff

Of course, there are the obvious necessities that you’re going to need for a Las Vegas vacation. Clothes, money and your phone should be the first things on your checklist. If you’re visiting from outside of the US you’re also going to need your passport and visa, although in some countries you can apply for an ESTA instead, which you can do at esta-visa.org.uk.

Comfortable Shoes

You might not believe it before you see it for yourself, but the Las Vegas strip is over 4 miles long and no matter where along it you start your exploration, there is always great stuff to find. Unless you’re planning on spending your whole trip sitting at the same poker table, you’re probably going to want to move about and see some of the sights. That’s why it’s always wise to pack a comfy pair of shoes that you’re happy to walk in for long periods of time. While you might think that you have the willpower to last in a pair of high heels, you probably won’t want to end up walking barefoot back to your hotel room.

A Map

To reiterate, the Las Vegas strip is over 4 miles long and the last thing you want to do is find yourself at one end with your hotel at the other. If you plan on getting a good look at Las Vegas and visiting the best casinos, bars, clubs and restaurants, then the best way to go about that is to plan a route that will reduce the amount of time you will spend wandering around. Maps of the strip are easy to get a hold of, so find out where your hotel is and tick off all of the places you want to visit. With a little bit of planning and a good map, you’ll spend more time having fun and less time wandering around in a confused daze.

Sun Protection

There is a desert literally right outside of Las Vegas, which means that it can get pretty hot. During the summer in particular, you could find yourself scorched to a crisp if you don’t come prepared. Temperatures can reach heights of 100° F and upward between May and August, so don’t think that a pair of sunglasses is going to be enough. Pack sunscreen, a sun hat and some sunglasses if you’re going out during the day, as well as a few bottles of water just in case.

Some Smart Shoes And A Flashy Outfit

While most places in Las Vegas don’t have much of a dress code, there are a few cool bars and clubs that require you to get dressed up if you want to get in. That means that sandals and shorts are off the table. The guys should pack a shirt, some dress pants and some smart shoes. The ladies just have to get dressed up, whether that’s a dress and high heels or a cute top and some flat pumps. You can check out dress codes on the club’s website if you’re not sure, but if you dress to impress you’re sure to get in without a problem.