Titans of Las Vegas


Today we want to give you an overview trough the most popular casinos.


The most popular gaming clubs in the media environment, and all thanks to the well-known in the 50s XX gangster Benjamin Siegel, nicknamed Bugsy.


Today, this entertainment complex is owned by the corporation Harrah's Entertainment. Over the years of its existence, the betting house has not lost its appeal and charm.

The name must correspond to the content, so there is a garden, where flamingo lives.


The hotel-casino, built in the spirit of modernity and history of this unique gambling establishment.

The fact is that in the late 80s direct competitor of Las Vegas has become Atlantic City, where the mass entertainment centers were opened and the people in the pursuit of impressions were pulled to the east of the country. But the enterprising owners of the "Mirage" have decided to return to its former glory Vegas and they have begun a construction of technically equipped casino. The major aim was to build a luxury casino with the latest technology.  Nowadays, Casinority guide can help you to find the best casino with the newest technology.


Hotel and entertainment complex, which is one of the largest in the world!


At the entrance visitors are welcomed by a statue of the firm - "king of beasts", and inside – be these lions! MGM Grand is famous for his love holding boxing matches that attracts thousands of tourists.


Bellagio Hotel and Casino is located on the site of the legendary Dunes gambling establishment, which at one time bought Steve Wynn, a billionaire from the gaming industry. After the reconstruction, the casino has become amazingly beautiful 30-storey building on the Las Vegas

The Bellagio has a business card - Singing Fountain: a fan of the water jets in the air and rises to seventy meters high, the beauty of fountain is difficult to describe by words - it is necessary to see!


The betting house "Wynn Las Vegas" is located on the Strip, and is named after its owner Steve Wynn. It is considered not only the highest on the boulevard, but also the most luxurious. Complex "Wynn Las Vegas" - the pride of the owner.

Like the "Bellagio", he has a unique flavor - "Lake of Dreams". On the smooth surface of the artificial lake appear colorful images. Visitors said that its something unearthly!