The Ultimate VIP Club Experience


There is something innately attractive about exclusive VIP clubs. These world-class venues offer an unbeatable experience to patrons, and everyone is itching to cash in on the action. Whether it’s a prized Las Vegas nightclub like Hakkasan at the prestigious MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, or The Roof Gardens in the heart of London, the appeal of famous VIP clubs is unmistakable. Maître d’s, bouncers, guest services professionals, and roped-off areas are all too common at the most prestigious VIP clubs in the world.

These establishments pour tremendous time and effort into maintaining the highest possible standards for their VIP patrons. It is considered an honour to frequent these venues and rub shoulders with celebrities, athletes, socialites, and the Who’s Who of society. Many of these esteemed venues have barriers to entry, and rightly so. They don’t want the riffraff mingling with the paying guests. But once you’re in, the world is your oyster. Many of these VIP clubs are only available to the crème de la crème.

Let’s take a look at the most highly-rated VIP clubs in the world:

  • V Card: Nightclub Pass $162 admission

As a V Card Nightclub Pass Holder, you are privy to a fantastic selection of perks, premium benefits, and rewards. The V Card is rather affordable in the broader scheme of things, and you can enjoy significant benefits with access to the very best nightlife in Las Vegas. VIP treatment awaits patrons with the V Card at the top Sin City venues.

For starters, the V Card offers unfettered access – no lines – to the trendiest hotspots on the Strip. Patrons get to enjoy top nightclubs, dance clubs, pool parties, lounges, and exclusive venues, with no additional entry fees needed. Some of the many nightclubs that currently accept the V Card include the Rehab Dayclub, Tao Nightclub, Sake Rok, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, Vanguard, Château, and The Hyde Nightclub, among others.

  • Membership at the Liberty National Golf Course $350,000 Admission

As a member of New Jersey’s prestigious Liberty National Golf Course, you get to enjoy a myriad of exclusive benefits, perks, and rewards. These include personal boat transfers from NY to the dock at the course. Liberty National also features a helipad for members wanting to land on the greens. Golf buggies, caddies, spas, fitness centers, concierges, exclusive dining, and transportation are all provided. Some of the many amenities available at this prestigious venue include the procurement of tickets to exclusive events, assistance with travel arrangements, and access to the most powerful people in America.

  • Wink Bingo VIP Club – Pay to Play with Exclusive Rewards

Britain’s most popular gambling game, bingo is available at hundreds of land-based establishments around the country. Players with a penchant for online gaming are drawn to the Wink Bingo VIP Club and its exclusive range of offerings. This prestigious venue features a tiered system of rewards, and is part of the internationally revered Joy Gem VIP Club Program.

As a loyal patron of the Joy Gem VIP Club, players get to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as bonuses, promotional offers, gifts, exclusive tickets, holiday treats, birthday surprises, complimentary bingo tickets, redeposit bonuses, and exclusive jackpots. There are multiple tier levels for players to advance through, including Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond.

Since the Joy Gem VIP Club encompasses a wide range of bingo rooms, VIP players get to enjoy a series of promotional offers during the week. These include £200 TastyBingo jackpots on Mondays, RedBus bingo jackpots worth £300 on Wednesdays, 888ladies bingo jackpots are up to £500 on Fridays, and the Posh Bingo £300 jackpot on Sundays.

  • VIP Membership at Equinox starts at $26,000

Few fitness centers enjoy the sterling reputation of Equinox. This prime venue is the world’s leading celebrity gymnasium and fitness center. VIP members at Equinox get to enjoy the finest training facilities in the Northeast – Connecticut and New York. Among the many benefits of joining this fitness club are private training sessions with leading fitness trainers, Fit3D body scan technology, robes, towels, and other accoutrements.

Regular members pay on average $200 – $300 for initiation costs and the monthly rates can be as high as $250. The gym’s amenities are world-class, and thanks to the personal trainers on site, you are in safe hands at all times. Among others, Equinox is revered for its exclusive venues in Connecticut, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, the UK, Washington DC, Texas, Canada, Massachusetts and Florida

  • Richman’s International Millionaires Club with a $15.2 million Admission

When you’re looking at exclusive clubs, nothing beats Richman’s International Millionaires Club. There are only 100 of these memberships up for grabs, and if you are awarded one of these VIP memberships, you will have exclusive access to golf clubs, yacht clubs, jockey clubs, hotels & restaurants, and ski resorts. Exclusive concierge service is also available, and members get a massive credit line valued at $1 million. Not too shabby for those in the upper echelons of society’s well-heeled.