Surviving the Las Vegas Nightlife


Nightlife and Las Vegas. To anyone that knows even the slightest bit about Sin City, the two go hand in hand. While many consider New York City, the Big Apple, to be the “city that never sleeps”, it’s a surprise that more people aren’t looking to argue that fact. Lined with well over a dozen establishments that are either open 24 hours a day or well into the early morning, Las Vegas is a city known best for its nightlife roots. Even during the days of the Rat Pack, a bulk of the action that happened in Vegas occurred after the sun set.      Surviving the Las Vegas nightlife isn’t as easy as it may seem, though; because there are plenty of venues to choose to spend your night in, you’ll easily find yourself lost in a sea of decisions. Do you rock the night away in the New York, New York aptly named nightclub, ROK, or do you drop a good portion of your paycheck at the Encore’s opulent XS. No matter where you plan on partying the night away, there are plenty of things to be weary of.

Expect Extra Expenses
The first thing you need to plan for when it comes to a night in Las Vegas is the expenses you’re going to incur. If you’re going it solo without the help of any sort of VIP service, you’re going to find yourself shelling out cash at every turn. Transportation (if you’re not going to walk), a cover charge, and your drink tab for the evening can wind up costing you far more than you’d expect, especially if you decide to go on a busy weekend or popular holiday. The trick is to always have extra cash on hand and assume that you’re going to spend double what you really want to.

Plan the Evening  - the ENTIRE Evening
Nothing could be worse than expecting a fantastic night on the town and wind up having an unimaginably awful evening. One scenario that can lead to this is the complete lack of planning. Know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who you’re going with. Always have a back-up plan, especially when it comes to your club of choice for the evening. While you may want to party down at XS, you may find yourself facing a massive line at the door, one that threatens the entire evening. Stay ahead of Vegas by keeping a game plan.

Beware of Attire
Plenty of establishments on the Strip have a strict dress code policy. While you’re not required to suite up in your Sunday’s best, you don’t want to leave the house in anything less than slacks, dress shoes, and a button down shirt or polo. A general rule of thumb is to assume jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers are going to get you turned away at the door. Women - you want to wear a dress or a nice blouse. While you can wear high heels, be weary of where you’re going to be, what you plan on doing, and how you plan on getting there. There can be a lot of walking in Vegas, and high heels are none to comfortable; also, you may find that a nightclub or two on the Strip may require a short walk upstairs to get to a separate area.

VIP is Key
Sure, you can have a good time in Vegas without it, but the coveted VIP status is something that shouldn’t be looked at lightly. Give a call to one of Sin City’s premium VIP reservations experts to find out the best deals for the club’s you want to attend. ( visit ) Typically, you’ll find yourself avoiding the lines at the door and with your own private VIP table for the evening. Pay a little extra, and a premium bottle service could also be yours. VIP is the best way to get the most out of your time in Vegas.