The Most Successful Shows in Las Vegas Ever


The appeal of Las Vegas was at one time about gambling. It was the first place for organized - and regulated - gambling to set foot in the United States, but that' history today. People can access gambling games easily by simply typing into their browser, no matter if it's desktop or mobile, and start playing right away. What attracts the biggest crowds to the City of Sin is its nightlife, and the famous artists performing at various venues. They had a major role in the past, and they also do today. Here are the biggest acts that have attracted the biggest crowds to Las Vegas throughout its history.

5. Sigfried & Roy

Sigfried & Roy left Europe for Las Vegas in the late 1960s, after performing their magic on stage in several countries. They have become a major attraction - it involved white lions and tigers, after all. They were the perfect combination of amazement, fun and magic on stage. Their show attracted millions of people to Las Vegas and beyond, until it came to an abrupt end in 2000, thanks to a well-timed bite delivered by one of the on-stage animals to Roy's neck.

4. Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a world-famous diva, best known for her single "My Heart Will Go On" associated with James Cameron's epic Titanic movie. In the early 2000s, when she was at the peak of her career, she signed an agreement with Caesar's to perform on their newly built stage in the Colosseum. And the results were amazing: sold-out shows for years. Her performances often came with extra visuals - like acrobats performing during the show or video screens - and a lavish orchestra. She will return on stage this year.

3. Elvis

Everyone knows that Elvis was The King! He had an amazing career, filled with the adoration of the public, both when it comes to stage, movie screens or record stores. The singer behind so many evergreens has had an amazing Vegas career, too - he had 837 consecutive sold-out performances at the International (and the Las Vegas Hilton after it was renamed) between 1969 and 1976. Elvis Presley's image is still strongly tied to Vegas.

2. The Rat Pack

A group of five legendary entertainers who have made an incredible impression on America, and Las Vegas in special: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, also known as The Rat Pack. While their career as a group lasted only about five years, their style has left a mark that can be felt even today.

1. Liberace

Born to struggling immigrants, Liberace has grown into the highest paid entertainer of the world. He won two Emmy awards, he had six gold albums (with sales of at least 500,000 copies), and he has two stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His time in Las Vegas, way before Cirque, offered amazing performances to the audience, including a lavish and decadent style and mastery of entertainment. His influence on Vegas can be felt even to this day.