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Three Usual Scams to Avoid When in Vegas

Las Vegas, the diamond, golden nugget or pearl of the Nevada desert, home to the world's most glittering casinos and incredible shows, a Mecca for gamblers from all over the United States... these are all true. But Las Vegas has another side, one that is out to make an extra buck off the hundreds of thousands visiting the city during a year. Here are some scams you can usually be subject to... read more

Microgaming Software - the company that singlehandedly created the online casino industry

Isle of Man based Microgaming has the distinction of launching the first online casino back in 1994. Two decades on, the company is still going strong and has produced more than 700 unique casino games with over 1200 variants, many of which have become instant hits. The games developed by Microgaming  are enjoyed by millions of online casino enthusiasts which is evident from the increasing... read more

How to Choose the Best High Roller Bonus

When you go to a casino in Las Vegas, and play the high stakes game, the casino will almost inadvertently treat you like royalty. High rollers are the kings and queens of the gambling world and casinos ensure that these high-stakes players get the best of treatment so that they keep returning. When you play at an online casino, you can expect the same five-star treatment for your... read more

Food glorious food! Las Vegas buffet guide

When you picture Vegas in your mind, I’m sure the first thing that springs to mind is the air-conditioned sprawling casino which fills many a hotel ground floor! The next images will probably be neon lights, that famous sign, shows, helicopters, and serious nightlife. Another picture which should certainly be up there is food.   Vegas is world renowned for cuisine, and most... read more

Finding Good Turkish Food in Las Vegas

I missed home so much that I found I was dreaming about it more and more. I didn’t really want to leave Bodrum, Turkey but I felt it was time. I was leaving during the height of the holiday season, I really had to compare any flights to Vegas from one travel agency to another. Because I usually route through the UK (I have family there) I use flythomascook to connect me when I travel to and... read more