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How to start playing Roulette: A Guide for beginners

We are seeing an interesting shift in the world of roulette at present, with a growing number of players participating through online platforms. This not only applies to new players either, as even older gamblers are now making the challenging transition from traditional casinos to virtual casinos.   If you are new to the game of roulette, however, it is crucial that you adopt a... read more

A quick guide to entering blackjack tournaments

Blackjack is a firm casino favourite. The card game, known in some circles as twenty-one, is the world’s most widely played casino banking game and is popular on both sides of the Atlantic. For this reason, there are a host of excellent real world and online blackjack tournaments to enter. The game of blackjack has replicated the tournament format success of poker, which is a few years... read more

Places to Eat During WSOP 2016

Every summer since the 70’s the World Series of Poker has been hitting Las Vegas, no doubt because of the city’s most famous attributes –its 24-hour casinos, world class hotels, and incredible entertainment options. However, did you know that Las Vegas has also become something of a foodie favourite? Here are our top five recommendations of places to eat when you finally manage... read more

Where to Play Old Classic Slots in Vegas

Casino gaming and casino gaming habits have changed a lot in the past years. A lot of people nowadays are playing casino games online, on their laptops, smartphone and tablets. There are numerous online casino that have been established over the years and sometimes it may be a bit difficult for players, and people who want to start playing casino games online, to determine which casino is... read more

How a desert outpost became the glittering city of Las Vegas

America loves a rags to riches story and there is none better than the extraordinary history of Las Vegas in Nevada. To go back thousands of years, the local Paiutes Indians appreciated the springs in this desert region which gave rise to lush, green watering places. When they went on to lead Spanish explorers in the 19th century, the newcomers named the place after the Spanish word for meadows.... read more