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Top Tips When Playing Roulette Online

It’s an exciting game enjoyed by players around the world and it’s one that has been around for hundreds of years in some format or another.   Even here in the 21st century the traditional game of Roulette has managed to evolve with the times embracing the technologies of the day and still attracts millions and millions of players every day across several... read more

7 Sultans Launching Vegas Style App

Have you heard the news? The 7 Sultans Online casino app is now available. Now fans of the site can enjoy all the benefits of their online casino but in a more convenient format. And, as some fans would say, it’s about time. This popular online casino has been around since 1998, that's almost 2 decades. Since then, it’s reputation has only grown. But, with the rising popularity... read more

Which are the best games you should play in a Las Vegas casino?

Perhaps you’ve been playing exciting casino games online for a while on sites like Caesars Casino? If so, chances are it’s given you a hankering to visit Las Vegas. Should you be planning a trip to Nevada’s most debaucherous city, you’ll need to know what games are the best to try your hand at whilst in town. Today we run you through our top... read more

Unique Places You Never Knew Existed in Las Vegas

Unless you are there for a conference or a wedding, chances are when you go to Las Vegas, you are going to gamble. The thing is, most casinos are like a maze full of untold treasures.  The chimes of the slot machine and the cheers from the craps tables as a seven or eleven rolls out can entice even the thriftiest of players.   Sure, everyone knows how to play blackjack or... read more

17 Totally Awesome Things You Should Totally Do in Vegas

  Do you want to know a secret? Vegas is not at all about gambling. Leave those pokies and one-armed bandits to casual, mediocre tourists. You, my friends, can have more fun in Vegas while doing other, really cool things. And, as for gambling, you can always do it from home with free online casino slots no download no registration. So, why bother with a flight ticket for a single... read more