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A Quick Look at Las Vegas for First Timers

Photo credit: samantha celera, on Flickr Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, in Clark County, Nevada. As you’d expect, the weather is warm and the sun is always shining. With plenty of entertainment, glorious sunshine and cloudless skies, Las Vegas is the perfect holiday destination. Whatever your reason for travelling to Vegas, there are a few options in getting there. You... read more

Experience New York on the Las Vegas Strip

Now is the perfect time for Australians to visit America. The US economy is still suffering, tourism numbers in Las Vegas are down and, best of all, the US dollar is cheap to buy. Sydney to New York flights can be had for a bargain is you know where to look. The "Big Apple" has many great attraction that are not to be missed - the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and one... read more

Five Reasons You Should Visit Las Vegas This Winter 2012/2013

Fancy a Winter break? Here are five great reasons why you should visit Las Vegas this Winter. #1 -Take the stress out of Christmas. Why not bring the family together in Las Vegas? It's a great meeting point as there are flights in from all over the country plus plenty of accomodation and activities to suit every family member. Unlike other cities around the country, everything is open in... read more

Surviving the Las Vegas Nightlife

Nightlife and Las Vegas. To anyone that knows even the slightest bit about Sin City, the two go hand in hand. While many consider New York City, the Big Apple, to be the “city that never sleeps”, it’s a surprise that more people aren’t looking to argue that fact. Lined with well over a dozen establishments that are either open 24 hours a day or well into the early morning,... read more

Four Ways for Finding Cheap Accommodation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas must have one of the highest concentrations of hotel per square mile on the planet. There are so many options for visitors to Las Vegas to choose from that competition between hotels is steep. This is great news because it means you can nab a great hotel room for a rock bottom price! Here are four ways of finding cheap accommodation in Las Vegas. 1. Stay mid-week. Sunday to Thursday... read more