Five Reasons You Should Visit Las Vegas This Winter 2012/2013


Fancy a Winter break? Here are five great reasons why you should visit Las Vegas this Winter.

#1 -Take the stress out of Christmas. Why not bring the family together in Las Vegas? It's a great meeting point as there are flights in from all over the country plus plenty of accomodation and activities to suit every family member. Unlike other cities around the country, everything is open in Vegas on Christmas day. Instead of slaving away at the stove for hours preparing Christmas dinner, enjoy one of the hotel buffets. All will be serving special Christmas meals (though figure on higher than usual prices).

#2 - Winter and the holidays, especially Christmas, are a quieter time of year for Las Vegas. You'll enjoy fewer crowds, cheaper rates on hotel rooms and discounts shows.

#3 - You can pick up cheap Vegas flights in the Winter season. Aside from the few manic days just before Christmas, you'll still find cheap flights to Vegas even around the holidays. Flights from Los Angeles will set you back as little as $37 and flights from New York as little as $147. 

#4 - You'll catch the biggest party of the year. New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is beginning to rival the ball drop in Times Square. There are celebrites galore, hosting parties in the clubs and performing on stage. Fireworks displays light up The Strip and free gigs at the Fremont Street Experience. If you haven't already, book your accommodation and shows now. Las Vegas at New Year's Eve is busy! 

#5 - Take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Temperatures in Las Vegas in Winter will be in the 50s or 60s during the day and down to as low as 30 overnight. You won't be able to sunbathe or swim in the pools but there are still plenty of outdoor attractions to enjoy. Summer in Las Vegas can actually be unbearable with temperatures well in the 100s. In Winter, Las Vegas is much more manageable to walk around, the buses are less crowded and you can actual save money by opting out of using air-conditioning in your hotel room.