How to Plan a Getaway to Palm Springs From Las Vegas


The great thing about the USA is that it is never that difficult to get from one destination to another. Flights are plentiful, almost like buses, and you can always hire a car and take yourself on a scenic road trip!

If you’re thinking of venturing from the craziness of Las Vegas and heading off to explore the chilled out vibe of Palm Springs, you have lots of choice, and plentiful places to stay too. There are countless homes for rent in Palm Springs, so you can have a real home away from experience, an ideal answer to your crazy time in Vegas!


Planning a Palm Springs Getaway from Las Vegas




How to Get to Palm Springs from Las Vegas

So, first things first, how do you get from Las Vegas to Palm Springs? You have several options:

  • Self-drive: It will take you just over 4 hours to drive from Vegas to Palm Springs, along the I-15S, Cadillac optional!
  • Fly: If you want to fly you will have to go indirect, and this normally involves taking a flight from Vegas to San Francisco, connecting, and then going to Palm Springs. Overall, depending on the connection time, you will have a flight time of around 4 hours on average.
  • Bus: The Greyhound bus service is regularly running between the two destinations, ad you can expect an average 7 hours’ journey.
  • Train: Another option is to go by rail, which will take around 4-5 hours. As you can see, the longest is by bus, but if you can get an overnight drive, that means you’ll wake up to the sunrise in Palm Springs!


Where to Stay in Palm Springs

Finding your ideal type of accommodation comes next, and the range of choices makes it easy. Renting a villa is the ideal way to vacay in Palm Springs with friends. Splitting the cost of a villa hat sleeps 8-10 people with a group of friends make a Palm Springs getaway even more affordable. 

Palm Springs is a desert oasis so naturally you'll want to rent a home with a beautiful pool to chill by and cool off in once the temperatures start to rise. 

If you're planning on renting a villa in Palm Springs, do bear in mind the dates you're looking at. There are several events and festivals in Palm Springs that make it a lot more expensive than usual. One example is Coachella. We recommend booking well in advance if you plan on attending. And if you're not headed to he festival, it's best to pick another weekend to head to Palm Springs.

If you love mid-century modern architecture, you're in luck. There are many homes in Palm Springs to rent that were built in the Hollywood Golden Age and are lovingly restored and furnished in accordance with the period. 

Palm Desert is the ideal part of Palm Springs to stay in if you want that upscale vibe and a spacious home with a pool. If you're in town for a golfing weekend then perhaps stay in the La Quinta area as it's close to the Greg Norman Resort Course at PGA West.



Things to See and Do in Palm Springs

Next up, what to see and do. Basically, you can either choose to relax away your time in Palm Springs, or you can venture out into nature. You could do both if you choose, but there is a lot of scenery around the area that is a crime to miss out on.

The San Jacinto Peak is a must visit for hikers and camping fans, with day hikes ad some which take a little longer on offer. Aside from that, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Scenic Canyon is ideal for photography fans, as you can get some seriously impressive snaps from the top.

Palm Springs isn’t all about old Hollywood glamour, as there is plenty to keep the kids occupied too, including Wet n’ Wild Palm Springs, and Cabazon Dinosaurs. Stopping for a photo at the latter is a must do, whether a child or not! Wet n’ Wild is a great way to cool down in the hot California sun, and if you want to venture back inside, head over to Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium.

Give yourself enough time to visit the Joshua Tree National Park which is nearby Palm Springs. This lunar landscape dotted with other-worldly trees will inspire.

This is just a snap shot of what there is see and do in Palm Springs, but you will instantly notice the change in the pace of life, compared to Vegas. Gone are the slot machines, the illuminous lights and the crazy vibe, and instead you will experience a chilled out, sophisticated feel. The fact it’s so easy to get there just makes Palm Springs even more of a must visit!