Where to Play Old Classic Slots in Vegas


Casino gaming and casino gaming habits have changed a lot in the past years. A lot of people nowadays are playing casino games online, on their laptops, smartphone and tablets. There are numerous online casino that have been established over the years and sometimes it may be a bit difficult for players, and people who want to start playing casino games online, to determine which casino is suitable and has a solid offer and which isn’t. Therefore, it is more than wise to read reliable and trustworthy online casino reviews which will give you a better perspective on the whole situation and help you reach the right decision. Despite the increase in popularity of online gaming, that doesn’t mean that people stopped visiting land-based casinos. Las Vegas remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US and world-wide and casinos are one of the main reasons why tourists visit the city.


Classic Slots Still Popular

Casino operators and owners realised that slots are by far the most popular games in online casinos and that there hardly is anyone that has entered a casino without trying their luck on the slots, even if they’re there to play another game. Most of the area of every casino is filled with slot machines. Recently, influenced by the increased popularity of online slots, but also by the preferences of the players, most land-based casinos introduced a lot of modern, 3D, thematic slots. However, there are players who prefer old classic slots. Even if you’re a fan of modern themed slots, you may want to try your luck on classic ones from time to time. There are several casinos in Vegas that still offer old coin-in slot games and if you’re ever feeling nostalgic while you’re in Vegas, you should consider paying them, or one of them, a visit.


Plaza Hotel Casino

Plaza Hotel Casino in Vegas is one of the most popular casinos in the city and it features over 500 slot machines which can be found throughout the object. In addition to offering new HD and 3D slots, Plaza Hotel Casino also features some of the older, classic slots. Catch The Heat Vintage Vegas coin games that are offered in this casino will surely take you back to the olden days of slot machines and casino gaming.


Circus Circus

Circus Circus is another Vegas casino which still offers old coin slots. This casino offers more than 1,400 slots and other games and players have an opportunity of playing classic coin machines with $1 tokens. In addition, Circus Circus also offers special Slots-A-Fun machines which can be played with just a quarter. This casino has a Circus Carousel which spins in the time while you’re playing one of your favourite slots for a penny.


El Cortez

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, El Cortez is another one of the larger and more popular casinos that offer classic slots. They have penny and nickel machines, as well as $5 slots and many other games. The casino was named the Best Paying Slots in the annual – Best of Vegas poll in 2012. Other games, such as video poker and video keno are also available. Statistics show that this casino has 42% looser slots than the Las Vegas strip.