Looking to Play Bingo in Vegas? Here’s Where to Go to Find the Best Jackpots


Looking to Play Bingo in Vegas? Here’s Where to Go to Find the Best Jackpots

Bingo is a truly exciting game. Anyone who has played the game will know that every round comes with a plethora of different emotions, from the surprise and excitement of realising that you have won, to the disappointment and frustration of just missing out on the jackpot. If you’re jetting off to the sun and the sands of Las Vegas, Nevada, the chances are fairly high that at one point or another you’re likely to stop by one of the city’s casinos. Your choice of casino games is absolutely massive – with a list of slot machines longer than your arm, more blackjack and poker tables than you can shake a stick at and several games that you may not have even heard of, you’re certainly not going to bored in Vegas. The question is what’s available in terms of the old favourite, bingo? If you’re looking to stick to your strengths and play a bit of bingo in Vegas, where do you go to find the best jackpots?

The first thing that you’ll want to know about playing bingo in Vegas is that the rules are slightly different to the ones you may played back in the UK. Bingo in America is usually played with 75 balls, though if you’re looking for a traditional 90 ball game, you probably won’t have to look too far.

The next thing you’ll want to know is that you won’t have to look very far to play bingo at all – there are almost 20 bingo parlours in the city, and most of them come with similar buy-ins and optional progressive cash balls. What this means is that the best bingo parlour with the best jackpots is going to vary based on the size of the progressive jackpot. Some of these sites may link their progressive jackpots, which means that the best parlour will come down to other factors, but this is well worth keeping in mind all the same.

Money balls are another way you can quickly distinguish which bingo parlours are going to give out the best jackpots. The money ball is a ball which is drawn before the game which can double your jackpot if it’s drawn during the game. Not all bingo parlours do this, so keep your eyes open and see what you can find when out and about.

If you’re looking to stop by Vegas’ largest (and arguably most popular) bingo room, you will have to visit the Gold Coast Casino. This impressive bingo room holds an impressive 780 players, running games every other odd hour (not on the even ones). They have a progressive jackpot, a money ball and even special events with massive jackpots held throughout the year, such as their $500,000 power bingo games in May, September and November. If you’re looking to get in on these make sure you get your practice in early – you’re going to want to know your bingo calls way before then!