7 Sultans Launching Vegas Style App


Have you heard the news? The 7 Sultans Online casino app is now available. Now fans of the site can enjoy all the benefits of their online casino but in a more convenient format. And, as some fans would say, it’s about time.

This popular online casino has been around since 1998, that's almost 2 decades. Since then, it’s reputation has only grown. But, with the rising popularity of mobile devices, it wasn’t long before site visitors were asking for the ability to enjoy 7sultans Online Casino but, in a different media.

They say that closed mouths don't get fed and it was true in this case. The operators of 7 Sultans have listened to its fans and have now created a mobile app - and a pretty simple-to-use one at that.

This app was developed by Napier Limited, an old favorite in the gaming industry. In fact, they are the creators of many of our favorite online casino gaming apps. Some would even say they are game changers. And, how can you blame them? The developers knew what they were doing, they were able to pack a ton of extraordinary features into an app that less than 20 MB, which means it won’t take up any extra space on your device. Don’t you hate when you have to delete an app to make room for a new one?

Before this option was available, gamers were able to access 7sultans mobile casino online from their mobile devices. This had some advantages but, there was one thing that was lacking. What was it? Gamers weren’t privy to the same selection of games as they would be on the desktop version. But, with the creation of 7Sultan's new Vegas-style app, this problem has been eradicated.

So, why the long wait? To put it simply, it’s not as easy as it looks to convert online casino games and make them available in a mobile format. And, although the demand for this type of app makes venturing into this industry a very profitable adventure, the initial expense along with the coding challenges can be demotivating. As a result, some online casino operators have simply aborted this idea, which has alienated some of their clientele. And, why wouldn't it? Although they are still able to play games on the mobile browser, the lack of a selection dampens some of the thrill - especially when looking for a new game.

Another obstacle for operators was the mobile platforms (Android, iOS, etc.) themselves, especially the task of maintaining all of them at the same time. But, with the fast advancement of technology, this is changing as well.

Now, a new era has begun for fans of the 7 Sultans website. With the launch of their Vegas style app, gamers finally have the ability to play all their favorite games on their mobile devices. In other words, they can now enjoy every feature that they’ve come to love on the desktop browser but with the added convenience of mobility.

And, although this app is jam-packed with games, it will excite you even more to know that you can access all your favorites without paying a cent to download. Who says that you always have to pay for quality? Evidently not the operators of the 7 Sultans. They love their customers and making their app free means that gamers save the money they would typically have to pay for a download and use it for more gameplay instead. How can you beat that?

Finally, it’s important to note that there is an age limit for this app. In other words, if you cannot gamble in a physical casino, chances are you won’t be able to do so on this app as well.