3 Hidden Places in Vegas You Have Never Heard About


The most common things we know about Vegas are luxurious hotels, casino places, and red rock canyons. But Las Vegas is a place where there is so much to see and to do except gambling and sunbathing by the pool. What can make your trip to Vegas even more special and unforgettable is skipping the tourist hotspots and seeing the city's secret places. We're talking about those places, which are rarely known even among the locals. If you're already interested, keep reading, as we're going to reveal the greatest hidden gems of the city.

But first of all, a piece of advice. Before going to Vegas install a VPN service on your device. The city is known for its money places. What we mean is that people come here to spend a lot of cash and online money on gambling. This fact automatically attracts hackers and cyber criminals who are constantly trying to crash down smartphones and laptops via public networks. So, find a reliable VPN service (we advise looking at Bestvpnrating) and make your online banking private and safe if you consider gambling in Vegas to be part of your trip.

And now let's talk about those hidden places in Vegas you've probably never heard about. You will not find this information on any average Las Vegas tourist map.

3 Cool Secret Places in Vegas

These are three secret spots that even locals are not always aware about.

  • The first place is located behind the Flamingo hotel. What is interesting, usually there is no one in this area, which means that a few people know about this wonderful place. So, what are we talking about? Actually, behind the Flamingo hotel, you can find a large territory inhabited by real flamingos. So, if you're planning to visit a zoo, skip it for now. Just visit the Flamingo hotel to see the most beautiful birds in the world, the pink flamingos.

  • Our next spot is also connected to the Flamingo hotel. There is a tribute to Bugsy Siegel on the other side of the hotel near the wedding chapel. And if you don't know who Bugsy Siegel was, find the information immediately. The legend says he was the founder of the whole legal casino business in the city.
  • Sparrow+Wolf Restaurant. In our opinion, it is one of the best foodie restaurants in Vegas. And it's quite strange that so many people have never heard of it at all. What is so special about Sparrow+Wolf, except the name? First of all, the menu is very unique. As it is not a straightforward menu. The restaurant is not afraid to experiment with traditional dishes and tastes. For example, they have Udon with udon noodles and lamb ragu, topped with mint. And the restaurant has a special offer for those who love to have a night meal. It offers a late-night burger after 11 p.m.

So, come to Vegas and explore the city, opening new fascinating places for yourself.