17 Totally Awesome Things You Should Totally Do in Vegas



Do you want to know a secret? Vegas is not at all about gambling. Leave those pokies and one-armed bandits to casual, mediocre tourists. You, my friends, can have more fun in Vegas while doing other, really cool things.

And, as for gambling, you can always do it from home with free online casino slots no download no registration. So, why bother with a flight ticket for a single roll of the dice?

What should a real tourist do in Las Vegas?

Here are 17 amazing things you never thought you could do in Vegas, but you really should have.

  • Hike and jog. Nevada is proud of having some of the most breathtaking sites on our planet. You can see them if you’ll just be crazy enough to leave the city for their sake. Here are several cool spots for your consideration, just to name a few: The Red Rock Canyon, the Spring Mountains, the Bonnie Springs Ranch, the Hoover Dam and the Valley of Fire.
  • The desert around you is perfect for Omega land sailing. You know you want to master that wind, right? This is an experience you won’t forget any time soon.
  • Visit awesome water parks. The Cowabunga Bay as well as the Wet-n-Wild are waiting for you.
  • You can ride with an actual top gun pilot in the cockpit of a jet, air stunts included!
  • Race in an exotic car for as little as $199 per five laps of an actual race. How cool is that?
  • Ride a goddamn tank. Battlefield Vegas offers you a few packages for going all American with automatic gunfire on a fire range. You can shoot barrels of all shapes and sizes for $99 or $700. And for $3.500 they actually let you drive a tank and crush a car with it!
  • Vegas is known for a plethora of Golf courses. Check out Angel Park and the Badlands Golf Course. You will learn and enjoy the game like a pro in but several hours with the right instructor.
  • Vegas Indoor Skydiving is an insanely cool activity. The emotions you will experience are simply unforgettable.
  • Then, if not for anything else, there are museums: The Neon Museum, the Mob museum, the National Atomic Testing museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame.


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Now you know

Vegas is not only a city of gamblers. Most of its advantages are designed to attract the greedy luck-hunter in you, but that doesn’t mean that the one-armed bandit is your only friend in this fabulous city of lights. 

Oh, who am I kidding? You are going to gamble there anyway, aren’t you?