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No Deposit Bonus Casino Strategy: Keep the Upper Hand

When visiting Vegas, one of the most appealing activities is of course playing at the casinos. For many, they are the most iconic part of the Vegas experience and while they are certainly not the be all and end all of the entertainment experience, you’re bound to encounter tables and machines at some point. This will probably start in the very place at which you’re staying and if... read more

Why now might be the best time to invest in property in Las Vegas

          Las Vegas is an absolutely magical city, which feels alive every single night and is always full of exciting opportunities and adventures to be had. It is of course, famous for the strip, that glowing neon covered stretch of light and sound that his filled our screen in films and television for decades.   Famous for its amazing... read more

3 Hidden Places in Vegas You Have Never Heard About

The most common things we know about Vegas are luxurious hotels, casino places, and red rock canyons. But Las Vegas is a place where there is so much to see and to do except gambling and sunbathing by the pool. What can make your trip to Vegas even more special and unforgettable is skipping the tourist hotspots and seeing the city's secret places. We're talking about those places, which... read more

The History of Slot Machines

From Liberty Bell to the Wheel of Fortune, slots has evolved a great deal over the past 100 years with a number of clever innovators finding ways to make the quickfire gambling game easily accessible and as fair as possible. It all began in 1895 with Charles Fey, an American mechanic who invented the device that would eventually inspire mainstream slot machines. His device was inspired by the... read more

7 Gambling Movies to Watch Before you go to Vegas

Movies with a gambling theme are quite popular, and they often inspire many of us to experience the glitz, glamour, and the money involved in casinos. Yet, there are some movies that stand out from the rest and are probably worth watching before heading out to Las Vegas to enjoy the casinos. Here are some of the top seven gambling movies that you should watch before the trip to Las... read more